Translation templates for certificates

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As a sworn or certified translator, your daily translations revolve around various kind of official documents: high school diplomas, birth certificates, marriage certificates and the like. The preparation of such translations is somehow tedious. The reason for this being rarely the content. Form is often the bigger problem. Most certificates come  as scanned PDF documents. With character recognition it is possible to extract the text. But formatting often takes extra time. Here is a list of the documents I have already translated for my clients. If you are a sworn translator and would like to use my translation as a template to save time, feel free to send me an email. I will be happy to help you with an anonymized template.

Update November 2017
Thanks to Alice Mroczek for the South African birth certificate.
Update June 2016
Thanks to Katharina Wawrzon-Stewart for the marriage certificate Polish-English.
Update November 2014
Many thanks to Carola Striebel for the French templates for school-leaving certificates.
Update August 2014
Thanks to Stefanie Hösemann for the British birth certificate.
Update February 2014
Many thanks to Iris Kleinophorst for a Chinese-German birth certificate template, a French-German birth certificate from Tunisia and a French-German marriage certificate from Canada.
Update July 2012
Thanks to the exchange with colleagues, two documents are now available in Hungarian (thanks to Ilka Russy).


  1. School leaving certificate/High-school diploma, Saxony-Anhalt (German>English)
  2. Birth Certificate USA (New York, English>German)
  3. Birth Certificate United Kingdom (English>German)
  4. Birth Certificate South Africa (English>German)
  5. Marriage certificate, Saxony-Anhalt (German>English)
  6. Marriage certificate, USA (California, English>German)
  7. Marriage certificate USA (Florida, English>German)
  8. Marriage certificate Canada (Ontario, English>German)
  9. Marriage certificate Scotland (Highland, Fort William and Ballachulish, English>German)
  10. Driving licence, USA (Indiana, English>German)
  11. Marriage certificate (Australia, English>German)
  12. Certificate of good conduct (Germany, German>English)


  1. High-school diploma (Bavaria, German>French)
  2. High-school diploma (Hessen, German>French)
  3. High-school diploma (Baden-Wuerttemberg, German>French)
  4. Marriage certificate (Morocco, French>German)
  5. Residence certificate (Germany, French>German)
  6. Birth Certificate (Tunisia, French>German)
  7. Marriage certificate (Canada, French>German)


  1. Marriage certificate (Polish>English)


  1. Birth certificate (Hungarian>German)
  2. Certificate of civil status (Hungarian>German)


  1. Birth Certificate (Chinese>German)